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Catalogue Products



A) 1198MM
B) 666MM
C) 1138MM
D) 608MM
E) 174MM
F) 13MM
G) 29MM
H) 183MM
I) 151MM
J) 523MM
K) 862MM
L) 332MM
M) 270-725MM

Trim Dimensions

A) 1150MM

B) 624MM


The BF960 balanced flue gas fire is suitable for homes without a chimney.

This versatile and efficient slimline hole in the wall fire can be installed onto any outside wall of the home and generates a contemporary and stylish centrepiece for the room. This appliance can be installed directly into a cavity wall yet provides probably the deepest fuel bed effect for a product of its type. Coupled with a reflective black glass lining, this gas fire delivers the ultimate dancing flame effect and ceramic log layout. with 4.6kw Heat Output