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Catalogue Products



A) 512MM

B) 403MM

C) 607MM

D) 555MM

E) 197MM

F) 186MM

G) 502MM

Mantel Dimensions

A) 1370MM

B) 1370MM

C) 1160MM

D) 400MM

E) 230MM

F) 512MM

G) 611MM


he Ravel HE Log 16”x 22” is a high efficiency glass fronted fire suitable for class 1 and class 2 flues.

The Ravel HE Log is sure to impress, with its under log burners and stunning fuel bed layout. The unique burner system allows the fire to be turned to low whilst still retaining an impressive flame height.

This fire is available with two trim styles, the Black Nickel and Chrome or the striking Anthracite version.